Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11 in the City

This morning, the city was eerily quiet. The sun rose later than usual, casting a blue shadow over my trip to work. It was also cooler than it has been, with a sharpness in the air. No one spoke to each other on the bus, in the corner store, on the train, on the street.... It was as if everyone was listening - for a bang or a cry or a siren. As they day wore on, the city began to buzz again, but a certain stillness still lingers.

Each year on September 11 I choose on organization to support. My intent is to mark the anniversary of an act of pure hatred by responding with love. This year I am making a donation to Invisible Children, an organization that helps child soldiers in Uganda who've been ripped from their homes, abused for the entertainment of others, and forced to commit endless acts of rape and murder.

I challenge you to choose an organization you believe in and send them some financial love today.